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Other Podcast Appearances

Curioscity Episode 51: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (w/ Brianne Barker!)

This Week in Virology (TWiV) Podcast Appearances (

Episode 594: Coronavirus update: Shelter in Place

Episode 593: Coronavirus update-flatten the curve

Episode 591: Coronavirus update with Ralph Baric

Episode 586: Coronavirus update-wash your hands

Episode 585: The coronavirus epidemic

Episode 582: This little virus went to market

Episode 581: Alimentary Particles

Episode 571: Piwi koalas

Episode 569: Smolt’in Iron

Episode 567: Outbreaks and a breakout

Episode 563: BLT on mice

Episode 562: Take a breath

Episode 561: Hot or Not

Episode 559: Nectin connection what’s your infection?

Episode 558: Joklik’s Legacy

Episode 556: Glycolyl’s not for the birds

Episode 555: Fidelity and the single cell

Episode 552: Delta and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Episode 550: Covering up the shiny parts

Episode 545: Biocrimes and misdemeanors

Episode 544: Immunogaga

Episode 543: Stoned and senile

Episode 539: Multitudes contain me

Episode 537: Boundary issues

Episode 535: Miles to go before I leak

Episode 534: Portal to the METTL

Episode 533: Recurring threads

Episode 525: The A Bee Cs of bee viruses

Episode 521: Spitting in the Allee

Episode 520: This old mouse

Episode 519: Fishing for viruses in senile

Episode 517: Just in time for Halloween

Episode 516: HUSH little virus, don’t you transcribe

Episode 515: When virus is in retrograde

Episode 512: Flexuous SUMO wrestlers

Episode 511: Accessory found guilty in DC

Episode 509: 41,103 bases under the sea

Episode 507: The fusion of form and function

Episode 506: A Cafeteria full of jelly rolls

Episode 505: Rosebola

Episode 504: Flying foxes and barking pigs

Episode 485: Fishing with Defective Flies

Episode 484: Float like a mimivirus STING like a Bat

Episode 482: Don’t EVEome without antibody expressed

Episode 461: Gotta trace them all!

Episode 457: The Red Queen Meets the White Rabbit

Episode 456: Be careful of canons

Episode 432: Conjunction junction, what’s your function